Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Big Announcement

This past April we found out were having a baby! I was driving home from work, taking a friend home and drove to a CVS Pharmacy on the way. Right then and there IN the store, I found out the Exciting news! I asked the girl at the checkout where her nearest restroom was, she pointed, then said ' let me know the good news.' So there I was, trying to patiently wait for the results. Then, was excited as can be when I found 2 lines on the test! I jumped up and down with tears in my eyes, saying "I'm Pregnant!" Earlier that day I called Colvin telling him that I thought something was up, and wanted to check things out. After I found out I drove as quickly and safely as I could trying to control my emotions and get their in one piece to Colvin's work. I walked into his office with a big smile on my face, and tears in my eyes not having to say a word. The first thing that came out of his mouth was "Shut up... Shut up." I was like, "I'm serious!" I showed him it, and he just shook his head in disbelief. We had been trying for a while. We just sat their and hugged taking it all in.
We then thought of a way to tell our family the Great news! Colvin took the words from a country song "Let them be Little" and changed it up, and put it into his own words and sang it for the family. We had talked earlier about him opening up more for my family, and the way he went about doing this was singing this song. After he had sung it, he through the pregnancy test to my dad. Everyone all at once got up and clobbered both of us with hugs. It was the neatest experience ever, and such a special memory I will always hold dear to me.

We called my mom in South Dakota and Colvin's family letting them know the Great news!


Gloria said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. You are very brave to take the test at a CVS. I was always to scared to take it anywhere, but home...alone in the bathroom!:)

Bill and Emily Grant said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So, when exactly are you due? I don't know if you know, but we found out that I was pregnant in July!!! We are having a little girl and I am due March 30th!!! I wish we lived closer... our little ones could be pals!

I'm glad I can check your blog now and we can keep updated!!!
Love ya! Emily

ashley kelepolo said...

Wow it'll be here before you know it! Sorry I couldn't make it to your baby shower, hope you got lots of cute stuff. And I really like the name...Kadence Anne. I just found out today that I'm have a boy. #2. We are due in April. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you started a blog.

Megan said...

I am so excited for you i can't hardly stand it. I totally want to come see your belly. I have your gift i need to mail you. I love that you have a blog. Update if often just for me to see how your doing.

shelbysjs2 said...

Only 7days away..yea! Of course she could come early! I know you are soooooo! excited! what a wonderful time for you! Miss you!
Merry Christmas
Love, Sylvia

Kim and Tyson Family said...

Hey I'm glad I found your blog, we haven't seen you guys in so long! Congrats on the little baby-Its tons of fun:) Good luck with everything!

shelbysjs2 said...

Congratulations! Yea! I just checked my email! & what do I read but that
that sweet baby Kadence was born.
She is so sweet & beautiful. I am so Happy for you & Colvin. Now you just need to post he pic here for all to see. Again! YEA!
Much Love & Joy to you!
P.S. now TRY and get some rest :~)

Megan said...

So... you must be really busy with that new baby. I really want to see some pictures so you sould post them soon!!! Congrats! YOu little mommy